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Meet The Moms

Who We Are


Tiffany Justice


Tiffany comes from a broken home where the only books she was allowed to read growing up were The Bible, Curious George Goes to Jail, How to Skin A Jew, and SuperFudge.

Tiffany currently sends out disgusting emails to co-workers about her fantasies of running a whites only world and cancelling black coffee because it's black.

"I will continue pushing hate forward and do everything I can to take over school boards. Let's keep it white and clean!!!"

Tina Descovich


Tina Descovich uses children to gain power. Her goal is to make sure children are taught that if you're gay, Jew, black, or any other color than white, that you need to proceed with caution.

Fighting books that help children learn the truth, quoting Hitler because, you know, Jews. And of course being a bigot and keeping anything that looks gay out of public view it's only fair that she has been appointed to the Florida Commission on Ethics by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

"I openly support those who quote Hitler for the wrong reasons. I have made this clear. We are a group that thrives more on power and control."

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Kevin Sorbo

Minivan Driver

Kevin drives the minivan. The End.

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