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Upcoming Website Advertising


As of right now I will be creating ads for this website and purchasing advertising across the states of California, Texas, Ohio, and New York for Billboards, Airports, Bus Stops, and other avenues even as small as bumper stickers. I already have raised funds for Florida which will have more ads up soon. More states will be coming.

I have a very small crew in each state who I'll be in touch with about upcoming school board and other local elections where members from Moms For Liberty are a part of.

For those of you in states other than these mentioned, please send an email to with any information about your area and I will be in touch to get boots on the ground ASAP. You can also send me a chat message here on this website.

Please consider a donation via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp below. Much to do, but they all need to be held accountable.




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