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This page shows you what our endgame needs to look like. We need to be as transparent as possible and that means being honest about our racism and homophobia.

Project Get Rid of The Gays

Being gay is a choice. Like, when we choose to vote into power those who hate gays and see them as disgusting animals and not humans. That's our choice. And just like gays can choose to have gay sex, they can also choose to not have gay sex and not be gay. it's not rocket's not even science, it's basically gay rockets.

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Project Fascism

The veiled long-term threat of Moms for Fascism is the removal of those who oppose our thinking. Successful in repressing the thoughts of targeted communities, it is unlikely we will stop there. Eradication of writing and thinking of people who speak of LGBTQ and racial issues will be followed by handicapping, repressing, and very possibly eliminating those people.

Fascism always starts small, aligning with popular thinking easy to embrace. Who could disagree with moms who only want to protect their innocent children? Surely removal of a few books is a small price to pay for happy and healthy kids.

We are sure this is the case. We know not what we do, or do we...


Project Liberty

We describe being “on a mission to stoke the fires of liberty.” Clearly, we do not understand the concept.

It is not liberty when the values and biases of one group are forced upon another. We seek only the freedom to impose our will upon others.

Moms For Liberty and our right-wing allies in many Republican-controlled legislatures operate under the guise of protecting children from untoward thought. What we really want is to quash both ideas with which we don’t agree and kill free thinking.

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