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Fascist Moms In All 50 States

Moms For Liberty Chapter Leaders and Members

Here you will find those who have chosen to go down the path of hate disguised as "Joyful Warriors." I will have chapter leaders for each state/county etc. All of this information is public. There will be NO DOXING. The purpose of this is to make sure people know about those who have chosen to join this hate group that live in their states/cities/counties.

There will also be updated school board elections and open seats that this hate group is trying to be a part of. To those of you who have already sent in information from your area, THANK YOU. And for those of you who have information and would like to send in, use the chat button here on this website, OR, contact me via email and of course, all will stay anonymous.

Below is only a photo but access to an updated and working map to find chapters and information is coming soon.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 2.32.51 PM.png
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