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About Us

We are an extremist organization that prides itself on making sure that freedom of speech and choice only applies to those who believe gays are demonic, Hitler actually wasn't that bad so Jews should stop overreacting, any transgender are considered trash and need to be disposed of, current teachers in this society should be under the control of fascists who know better, and that any teachers who disobey deserve to be handled by any means necessary and this includes physical control.

Started in 2020 with goals of in-person learning and abolishing mask mandates, We're most well-known as the evil genius behind upwards of 50% of book bans last year. MFL’s key talking point is “we don’t coparent with the government.” Yet in practice, “restoring parental rights” is near-synonymous with restricting children’s rights to ideas, identities, and cultures beyond those of their caregivers. We want to uphold white supremacy and pass it onto the next generation, so much so that we share funders with the Jan. 6 insurrection

“The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.”

Adolf Hitler


"The fact that Moms For Liberty makes it clear that violence, racism and hatred is paramount while at the same time being able to convince thousands of idiots that it's all in the name of children, is evidence that they are high level experts at bringing back Fascism." 

Avery Smith - Child Molester

"Help us. These bitches are insane."

Children of Moms For Liberty

"I guarantee it's not about the children. These children are being used as pawns and these Moms have no other interest than power and eradicating the gay, black, and Jewish community. Thanks for giving me this spot to voice my opinion which never gets any press."

Kevin Sorbo

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